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Gorillas and Chimpanzee

Gorillas and Chimpanzee
The closest living relatives of humans are cupids and monkeys. Differences in chimpanzees and monkeys are small in size and have a tail, while chimpanzees are large in size and have no tail. If we look carefully, we find that there is a lot of similarity between the human body and the body of the monkeys. Both the saffron are round, the brain develops, the eyes look towards the front and the ears of man and monkey are also the same and There are also fingers and also thumbs, that is, humans and monkeys can hold anything with their hands with the help of thumbs. There are mammals called primate. The monkey has a tail but does not have a tail, so the man is much closer to the man than the monkey, and according to this, man is a descendant of some species of the cup. But the ancestors of human beings were different from those of today's people. It is estimated that about two crore years ago, small plants were divided into two sections, one square square living on the ground which later became a human being and the second square which used to live on trees is the present day but still this cup Our next of kin The two main types of plants are gorillas and chimpanzees. The gorilla is the largest giant cup found in the jungles of Africa, which is about 7 feet in height and weighs more than 200 kg. The gorilla is very huge and is very powerful, it has black hair all over its body and special thing is that in old age, the hair of the gorilla's head also becomes white like humans. The gorilla has long arms and its legs are similar to human's but shorter than the hands. The gorilla moves on four legs and on two as well. When the gorilla gets angry he beats his chest. He does this when he is about to attack or when his objective is to intimidate his enemy, but usually the gorilla is a very calm creature and does not attack anyone unintentionally. The gorilla is a collective animal and lives in a family of 10 to 20 members. The owner of the gorilla family is a male and all members obey him. Gorillas live by scaffolding on trees and sometimes he is on the ground. They also make scaffolding and the special thing is that the female and the rest of the children sleep on the scaffolding built on the tree and the gorilla sleeps under the same tree so that if any enemy attacks, Countered by to save the mother and children. The gorilla is a herbivorous animal and consumes fruit and flower leaves. It is a very powerful animal and has the same power as 10 humans and can easily break the skull of any human being, but the gorilla is not a violent and aggressive animal if it If a human is visible, he does not attack it unless that person attacks. Gorillas have more intelligence than other animals. Gorilla has less intelligence than chimpanzees and a gorilla cannot be domesticated. If the gorilla is reared, it dies quickly and the gorilla does not even have the ability to mimic.  Now we talk about chimpanzee. The chimpanzee is much smarter than the gorilla. It is much smaller in size and is quite intelligent and is considered close to humans. It lives more on trees. It mainly eats fruit. But a chimpanzee is omnivorous, that is, meat and fruit flowers can eat everything. And it forms a group consisting of about 100 members. Chimpanzees always sleep on trees. I prepare a scaffold to sleep by turning the trees 25 meters above the ground at night. A chimpanzee can eat even small creatures when he gets the chance and sometimes the chimpanzee can attack other chimpanzee's parties by their territory. They capture and kill their children as well. They can also use chimpanzee equipment. If given proper training, they can rip wood from saws and screw with screwdrivers. You can do it and you can do very small things, you can also lock the keys and can also cycle, so according to this, the chimpanzee is the closest relative of humans.

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